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For three and a half years, I maintained the Team Garcy fansite. While the site had a focus on the relationship between Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston, the content archived on it was meant to serve the general Timeless fandom. Not only was there an extensive Timeless photo gallery, but the site also included indepth character biographies, relationship summaries, transcripts, and hosted the fan-made Timeless seasons 3 and 4 (which are now archived on this site).

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The idea for Team Garcy began in June 2018 as fans were suffering from #RenewTimeless fatigue, stress, and anxiety. I wanted to find a way to contribute to the fandom in a positive way, and the idea for a fansite was born. I worked as hard and as quickly as I could in June in order to get the site online by the second ever Garcy Weekend. The site launched on Saturday, 14 July 2018 and brought much excitement and happiness to members of the Garcy Family - and unfortunately some ugliness from other areas of the fandom.

It was hard to let go of Team Garcy. I thought that I'd have it online for many years to come. I put so much time and hard work into it over the years. But at the end I needed to put my mental health first. I loved TG, but it was attached to some very negative associations with the GGG fandom, and as hard as I tried I could never shake them. Will I ever bring back the TG site? I've thought about this, but ultimately I'm 99% certain that I will not be creating anymore fansites.



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