Goran Višnjić Archive
Established: 20 December 2019

I maintain two fansites, Team Garcy is my first, and the Goran Višnjić Archive is my second. I used to keep track of how many image files are archived on GVA, and as of December 2021, the site contained over 122,000 images of Goran - screen captures, photoshoots, promotional images, editorial photos, GIFs, and pictures Goran has shared with his fans on his official social media accounts.

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The Goran Višnjić Archive is almost 100% funded through site visitor donations, and back at the end of 2021, I had to delete the site from the internet because I ran out of funds to afford the "unlimited" server space that was needed to hold all the image files online. In August 2022, the Public Pay account for GVA and TG got back to an amount where I could upgrade my server space again to hold the entire Goran Višnjić Archive fansite. So, for as long as fans can help out as much as possible, I'll be able to keep GVA and TG online.

I want to thank everyone who has supported, and who continues to support, my fansites. If it wasn't for your generous financial donations to their Public Pay account, and the support of those who visit the site and appreciate the hard work put into maintaining them, the sites would not exist. Thank you so much for everything you do. - BattleshipGarcy



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