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20 December 2019 - 31 December 2021
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For two years, I maintained the Goran Višnjić Archive fansite. When I closed the site, it contained over 122, 000 images of Croatian-American actor, Goran Višnjić - screen captures, photoshoots, promotional images, editorial photos, GIFs, and even a little section for images Goran shared with his fans on his Instagram account.

Months before the site's closure, I acquired over 2,000 HQ images of Goran that I intended to add to the site. I still want to share those images with my friends, so I will feature my favourites as the Photo of the Month here on this site.

2019 2020

It was so hard to let go of this site as I thought that I'd be running it for many years. I put so much time and hard work into building the site, acquiring its content, and organizing it in a way so Goran's fans could enjoy it. But at the end, I needed to put my mental health first. And the site went live online on the very first day that people who I thought were my friends decided to turn against me. I built the site for them (and of course other fans) as a holiday gift, and I could never shake that negative association. Will I ever bring back the GVA site? I've thought about this, but ultimately I'm 99% certain that I will not be creating anymore fansites.



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