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01 July 2020
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Who is BattleshipGarcy?

I am a fan of the short-lived television series, Timeless (NBC). Garcia Flynn is not only my favourite Timeless character, but is my favourite character of all time. The relationship between Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston also happens to be my favourite 'ship of all time. Although, if you wanted to challenge that, sit me down in front of 24 seasons 2, 3, and 4 because the relationship between Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler on that series, was my #1 favourite ship before Garcy stole my heart <--- and I still very much love Tochelle.

I've been making fanart in Adobe Photoshop since 1998, and have created works for a small handful of other fandoms: The X-Files, 24, Firefly, LOST, Keanu Reeves, and Madonna. And no, I have zero interest in archiving my old fanworks on this site.

Why a website for your fanworks?

I get frustrated with trying to find the fanworks of others on platforms like Tumblr or Instagram - they're so messy, I can never figure them out, can't find anything, and end up giving up on looking for fanworks. I'm sure I'm not alone with this frustration, so I thought I might try to make it a little easier for others to find all my fanworks by archiving them on this site.

Also... YouTube has removed a couple of my fanvids, and I can still archive them here for fans to watch (even if you can't "like" or leave a comment <--- sending an email is also appreciated).

Where can I follow BattleshipGarcy on social media?

I left Twitter at the end of February 2023, and permanently deleted my Twitter account the following month. If you come across a "BattleshipGarcy" on any platform that is NOT listed below, it is not me, and is an imposter.



I will always keep an up-to-date list of my social media accounts on this site in case I decide to leave others in the future.

Why do you love Timeless?

Time travel, history, Goran's performance as Garcia Flynn, and the Garcy relationship. It was the first show since The X-Files in the 1990s that completely captured my imagination. Timeless is my favourite TV series of all time. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and there are aspects of it that I really do not enjoy (thank you fast-forward for allowing me to skip those scenes), but overall, I enjoy the series, and it makes me happy.

If you'd like to read My Timeless Story, I've typed it up (it's brief-ish, and doesn't go into every little detail) and put it on this site's Timeless page.

What languages do you speak and/or understand?

I am a native English speaker, and am around B1/B2 in French. Those are my best two languages, and if you follow me on social media, you've probably seen me interact with other users in French, Croatian, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian as I have either studied those languages in a classroom setting, or on my own (my levels in those languages range from A1 to A2).

I'm a lifelong foreign language learner, and began self-studying French when I was 9 years old since my elementary school didn't offer foreign language classes. That wouldn't happen until high school. Thankfully, my family moved overseas to Saudi Arabia when I was 11, and French, Spanish, and Arabic were required classes (one per trimester), and after that initial introduction class, we had to decide which language (between French and Spanish <--- yes, I was disappointed that I couldn't continue studying Arabic) to focus on. Since French is my first language love, I chose French.

Here's a complete list of languages that I have materials to maintain my level and/or teach myself: Arabic (MSA, Gulf), Chinese (Mandarin), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Middle Egyptian (aka: Classical Egyptian/hieroglyphic language), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, European Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish (Castilian), and Ukrainian.

I've also been eyeing Polish, Estonian, and Icelandic.

Because of my love of languages, you will often find that I sneak them into the fanfic that I write, and Garcia Flynn is the perfect conduit for that ♥

So, um... Goran made a HBD video for you?!

He did, and he sent it to me the day after my birthday in 2018. Early that day, I saw that I had a new message in my Instagram DMs, and because I had been severely harassed, stalked, and bullied by certain (lyat) fans of Timeless at the time (hate messages were common in my DMs on Instagram back in the day), I figured the new DM was just another hateful message some obnoxious bully had sent me, so I ignored it for hours before saying to myself "ugh, fine, I'll go delete whatever hate message some asshole lyat fan sent me now." Imagine my surprise when the new DM was from Goran, and it was a Happy Birthday video for me (complete with him sending me an array of emojis <--- he is our Emoji King, after all). I watched it a few times - in total shock, of course - and eventually replied to let him know my name, and to thank him for making that video for me. Soon after, Goran shared the video on his public Instagram account. You can watch it here:


Other Fun Facts About BattleshipGarcy:

- Vegan since 15 August 2019
- Chronic insomniac: 2012-present
- Fan of Keanu Reeves since 1986's Babes In Toyland
- I hate driving
- When the internet/email was first widely available, I swore I would never use it (haha!)
- Self-taught with Adobe products: Photoshop, Premier Pro, Dreamweaver, etc.
- I got talked into submitting a short film to a film festival once, didn't win, but still: interesting
- I did an intern-to-part-time stint with an Emmy award winning company straight out of uni
- My uncle's best friend in high school (Aidan Quinn) starred in Practical Magic with Goran Višnjić
- Coached by 1996 World Champion and 1998 Olympian, Marina Eltsova (pairs figure skating)
- As a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a marine biologist
- I also wanted to be a French language teacher
- As a child, I designed my handwriting
- I'm often asked what font my handwriting is because people want to download it
- I regret not pursuing a career in film production (cinematography, direction, color grading)
- My favourite fanfic of all time is Starlight & Strange Magic by qqueenofhades
- Figure skating used to be my passion until the IJS ruined it
- I followed figure skating without interruption from 1992 until 2022
- I stopped watching figure skating in 2022 because the sport is no longer the sport I loved
- When I was a kid, my family lived in Saudi Arabia (we arrived during the Gulf War ceasefire)
- Because Saudi didn't have "western" high schools, I went to boarding school
- The best pizza I ever had was in Limassol, Cyprus, 1992 (IIRC at Las Palmas restaurant)

Countries I've visited:
Bahrain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland

Countries I want to visit:
Croatia, UAE, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan, Australia, Romania, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Greece, Liechtenstein, and of course all the countries I've already been to.

Some Favourites...

Books: The Time Traveler's Wife, Misery, Gone With The Wind
Actors: Keanu Reeves, Goran Višnjić, Gene Kelly, Harrison Ford, Clark Gable, Romain Duris
Actresses: Vivien Leigh, Jodi Foster, Audrey Tautou
TV Shows: Timeless, 24, LOST, M*A*S*H, Breaking Bad, Schitt's Creek, The X-Files, Firefly
Movies: The Cutting Edge, Gone With The Wind, Constantine, Empire Strikes Back, John Wick
Figure Skaters: Gordeeva/Grinkov, Michelle Kwan, Kurt Browning, Torvill/Dean, Katarina Witt
Music: Madonna, Alicia Keys, Vanessa Paradis, Coldplay, The Chicks, Keri Noble, Utada Hikaru
Classical Music: Beethoven, Debussy, Rachmaninov, Chopin
Male TV Characters: Garcia Flynn (Timeless), Tony Almeida (24), Jack Shepherd (LOST)
Female TV Characters: Michelle Dessler (24), Renée Walker (24), Cristina Yang (Grey's Anatomy)
Male Movie Characters: Rhett Butler (GWTW), Han Solo (SW), John Wick
Female Movie Characters: Scarlett O'Hara (GWTW), Leia Organa (SW)
Favourite TV 'Ships: Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston (Timeless), Tony Almeida/Michelle Dessler (24)
Favourite Movie 'Ships: Rhett/Scarlett (GWTW), Han/Leia (SW), Doug/Kate (The Cutting Edge)

If you're interested in listening to a playlist of some of my favourite songs, I created it on YouTube. You can listen to it here.

Figure Skaters I've Met: Celebrities I've Met:
Shizuka Arakawa
Ben Agosto
Tanith (Belbin) White
Peter Carruthers
Todd Eldredge
Marina Eltsova
Peggy Fleming
Maria Petrova
Emanuel Sandhu
Alexei Tikhonov
Tatiana Totmianina
Oleg Vasiliev
Michael Weiss
Jim Beaver
Cary Elwes
Mitch Pileggi
Mark Shephard
Brian Thompson
Billy Dee Williams

When I met Mitch Pileggi in 2014 in San Antonio (at the Alamo City Comic Con), I had tweeted to him that I couldn't wait to meet him, and that I was on my way. So, as I'm walking up to his table, he's standing there, looks my way, and before I knew what was happening... he shouts out "CASSIE!", comes around his table and gives me this HUGE BEAR HUG. I can't remember what I said to him immediately after that, but when I meet celebrities I don't like to talk about their career or their work (unless they lead the conversation in that direction). I actually told him that there was something I had read about him on the internet back in the late 90s, and because I don't believe everything I read on the internet, I would only believe it if I had the chance to ask him myself, and so I did. And the answer is that yes, he once lived in Saudi Arabia, too. Finding that out led to a 20-maybe 30 minute conversation with him about living in the Middle East. I found out that while he didn't learn Arabic, that he did spend time in Turkey, and picked up some of the Turkish language <--- and if you know me, you know that for the next few minutes our conversation was about language learning. Mitch posed for a picture with my sister and I, and autographed a photo of him as Walter Skinner from The X-Files. Mitch, without question, is the coolest celebrity meet experience I've ever had.

And if I ever get around to it, I'll snap photos of all my celebrity autographs to share on the site.


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