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14 October 2021: 3 Garcy fanarts added: 1) Manip, 2) Manip Wallpaper, 3) concept poster for TRLT Titanic chapters
08 September 2021:
2 new Garcy fanarts added: Quite The Team & More Than You Will Ever Know
06 September 2021:
new Garcy fanart added: Found A Love
07 August 2021:
a new one-shot Garcy fanfic has been added: To Love Again


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The Road Less Traveled
Garcia Flynn has been locked up in prison for six weeks. With Rittenhouse set on killing him, an unexpected visitor sets forth a new path that Lucy hadn't written about in her journal.

To Love Again
"Why are you here?"
"I think you already know, Lucy."
"I need to hear you say it."
Palais De Glace
It's their third Christmas in the bunker, and Garcia wants to make this Christmas Eve a night to remember for Lucy.
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Never Enough Nothing Else Matters A Storm Is Comin'
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