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Goran Višnjić Archive

I created this fansite for Goran Višnjić as a Christmas gift for the Garcy Family in December 2019. The site was launched on the one-year anniversary of the Darkest Day in the Timeless fandom - 20 December. I intentionally launched the site on this day to try to distract everyone from reflecting back to what had happened to our beloved Garcia Flynn in the Timeless lyatt fanfic finale "movie." The GVA fansite serves as a photo archive for Goran, and I strive to provide the highest possible quality screen captures and images of the actor.

Team Garcy

Team Garcy is a fansite for the Garcy (Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston) relationship on the NBC television series Timeless.

The idea for this Timeless/Garcy fansite began in June 2018 as fans were suffering from #RenewTimeless fatigue, stress, anxiety, and in some cases... online bullying. I decided to create the fansite because I wanted to find a way to contribute to the fandom, and to bring much needed happiness back to a fandom that in recent days/months had become unhappy. Without telling anyone or consulting other Garcy fans, I began sketching out layout ideas, and jotting down what kind of content could be archived on the site. I took those ideas into Photoshop and began playing around with color and layout, and eventually the fansite took on a life of its own.

While Timeless has been cancelled, I intend on keeping the fansite online for as long as I can. The site will be undergoing another reduction in content and will serve as an image archive starting later in 2020 or sometime in 2021.


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