04 September 2023
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Just a little note regarding fandom-y and IRL things...

Lately, I have been feeling quite overwhelmed by everything (not just the pressure I put on myself to create fanworks for Timeless/Garcy/Goran fandoms). I've recently discovered that I'm a HSP (highly sensitive person), and have learned that I can be overwhelmed/overstimulated by my environment (what I see, what I smell, what I hear, etc.). In an effort to try to lower my daily stress and anxiety, I've been spending a lot of time (when I'm not writing or out with friends) working on decluttering my living space. I'm doing this mainly to try to ease the issues I have with overstimulation, but also as a gradual effort to live more minimalistically.

As a result of how I've been spending my free time, I've been very neglectful of my fansites. I'm also a people pleaser, so when I set aside things that I do for the fandoms, I feel really bad. This is also why you haven't seen many new color edits, or fanart from me over the past few months. I am doing my best to keep up with writing (because if I take any kind of prolonged break from it, I either 1) struggle getting back into it, and 2) argue with myself that I should stop writing completely. Then along came the Summer of Garcy AU that I started that turned into a much bigger story, and I'm over here like "ugh! I need to finalize chapter 26 of TRLT, and get chapters 27 and 28 finished so that hopefully I can get them on AO3 by December" <--- and then I'm comletely overwhelmed, and I shut down (then nothing happens).

All that just to say that I haven't forgotten about my three fansites, I have updates I want to do, it's just more times than not (in a single day) I'm so overwhelmed and don't know what to focus on next. And when that happens now, I choose me - which is why I'm so focused on making my 'home' less stressful.

Anyway... I have been doing really well keeping up with comments you guys have left on Bodyguard and The Road Less Traveled, and I appreciate the few readers I still have. And I love being able to talk with you all about my stories. Your comments (and our interactions) have really been helping me push through writing those stories, so thank you, thank you, thank you ♥

10 August 2023

"The Road Less Traveled"
Chapter 24: "Absolution"

With Wyatt surveilling outside Maria's home, Lucy makes a decision that will impact her life, her unborn daughter's life, and the life of Garcia forever.

My apologies for 1) how long it took to get this chapter up on AO3 after leaving you all with that chapter 23 cliffhanger waaaaaay back in January. I hope that kind of delay doesn't happen again, but I can't make guarantees, 2) for how loooooong this chapter is (it's the longest chapter of TRLT <--- and I promise from here on, the rest of the chapters will be much shorter than this one) - it took me months to write it (and edit it, and cut it down), and every time I've read it, it's taken me at most 3 hours to get through (granted, I end up editing every time that I've reread it), and 3) I hope chapter 24's cliffhanger is less stressful for you.

Chapter 25 is with my editor, but no word on when it might be ready for me to put finishing touches on so it's ready to get up on AO3. I want to say hopefully it'll be up in August, but back in January, I was hoping to get chapter 24 up in February, so... again: fingers crossed.

28 July 2023


Garcia Flynn is one of the richest men in the world whose family has received credible death threats, and Lucy Preston has been hired by his father to keep him protected. Obviously, the two of them absolutely hate each other, and of course Garcia is dating the 'Wicked Witch of the West,' so obviously... they're going to fall in love (or hate), right?

This is a BINGO! for the following Summer of Garcy 2023 BINGO! card prompts, which includes:

- bodyguard AU
- skinny dipping
- spin the bottle
- road trip
- pool party

This is my first 100% AU Garcy fic ever. I feel very much out of my comfort zone while writing this, and I'm 'pants-ing' it every step of the way. This is also the first fic I've started to post chapters of which I have no clue how the story is going to end (but it will, I don't post fics unless I 100000000% intend on finishing them).

I wrote this listening to the John Wick soundtracks/scores - specifically from the first John Wick movie: The Red Circle (Castle Vania), and Think (Kaleida) <--- if you would like to listen to those tracks (quietly) as you read.

 Bodyguard: The Final Chapters
 COMING: September 2023
 Garcia Flynn is one of the riches men in
 the world, and Lucy Preston has been
 hired as his bodyguard.

 The Road Less Traveled: Chapter 25
 COMING: September 2023
 Sex doesn't magically fix everything, and
 Garcia and Lucy work together to get
 back on the same page.

 Strawberry Moon
 COMING: Summer 2024

 Black Blizzard
 COMING: Fall 2024
 It's May 20th 1937, and Garcia and Lucy
 are stranded in time after their team
 members ditch them in Elkhart, Kansas -
 hours before one of the worst dust
 storms to ever hit the area during the
 Dust Bowl.

 Tabula Rasa
 COMING: 2025
 A Timeless story that will explore the
 side-effects of traveling too much within
 your own timeline.

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