07 June 2024

I meant to get these added in full 1080p for you guys about three weeks ago, but my life is just crazy right now, and I totally forgot. But they're here now for you to enjoy on your home computers and laptops.

'The Road Less Traveled' Updates

13 June 2024

So... I spent - in total - probably close to 9 hours on the phone with my sister discussing the final chapter of The Road Less Traveled (TRLT) over the last two days, and... it needs a complete rewrite. That's not what I wanted to hear, but after discussing it in detail... it's the right call. Bits and pieces will be used in the new version (which I hope to finish by tonight).

The scenes that I wrote, I really like though - as does my sister, but they didn't 'feel right' as an exit out of the story, so... I'm contemplating using parts of this first full draft of the final chapter, and making it a TRLT stand-alone story (which would be published to AO3 after the final chapter of TRLT has been published). No guarantees, but it's a possibility right now because... omg.

Please note that just because first full drafts of the final chapters are complete does NOT mean that they will be up on AO3 any time soon. I anticipate it taking months to get these chapters ready for you to read. I thank you for your understanding, and patience (and for your readership, kudos, and comments) ♥

Chapter 26 ready to publish on AO3 In All But Two summer / fall 2024
Chapter 27 with editor Le Cygne fall / winter 2024
Chapter 28 ready for editor Hellhound on Our Trail spring 2025
Chapter 29 ready for editor The ****** ** *******e spring 2025
Chapter 30 needs rewrite Enemy of Fate spring 2025
Chapter 31 going through revisions   spring 2025
Chapter 32 going through revisions Tic... Toc... spring 2025
Chapter 33 going through revisions   spring 2025
Chapter 34 going through revisions   spring 2025
Chapter 35 needs complete rewrite Epilogue (tentative title) spring 2025

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 My 2024 Fanart
 A collection of my (mostly) Timeless and  Garcy fanart, made in 2024

 The Road Less Traveled
 CHAPTER 26: In All But Two
on AO3: summer / fall 2024

 Lucy looks forward to returning to the safe  house to finally reunite with her sister, but  she and Garcia run into some  complications on the way.

 Karl's Fukin' Vlog: Final Chapters

 Tune in to watch Karl Borsok as he vlogs  about the events before, during, and after  Garcia Flynn convinced him to help him  travel through time to destroy  Rittenhouse.

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