15 March 2024

A new Garcy manip, and its 1080p desktop wallpaper ♥

24 February 2024

The finger I sliced still hurts, but I decided to finish up a few Photoshop WIPs last night. There's a 1080p desktop wallpaper, a Timeless Season 2 promotional image (that I made better by eliminating my least favourite character), and a little fanart-y thing for Garcy/Titanic. As soon as my finger heals, I'll be getting back to work on The Road Less Traveled, so stay tuned for that ♥

18 February 2024

"Bodyguard" - Chapter 28

The final chapter of Bodyguard.

Now that Bodyguard has concluded, I just want to thank you guys for following along on my first attempt at writing a Garcy AU. And thank you for all your kudos, and your comments on this story. Knowing that people continued to have interesting in this story (long after summer 2023 ended) is what helped me write to its conclusion <--- especially considering the recent death in my family, and my apparent inability to handle a chef's knife safely. The finger is on the mend, and I'm refraining from writing until it's healed since it causes typos since I'm typing without using my index finger at the moment. omg.

Next up: I'll be working on the final chapters of The Road Less Traveled (TRLT), right after I finish rereading the story since I need to refresh my memory of what has happened.

Again, thank you all for supporting my writing. I appreciate it very much ♥


17 February 2024

"Confessions [ aka: about that friends with benefits thing ]"

Lucy and Garcia are best friends who hate Valentine's Day. This year, they decide to get together to pretend to be a couple in order to play out all the overdone, sappy stereotypes, but things don't exactly go according to plan.

Happy belated Valentine's Day ♥

I still need to reread the final chapter of Bodyguard, and plan on doing that this weekend. I decided to write Confessions a few days ago because I needed a good dose of Garcy fluff to help me deal with the uncertainty surrounding my uncle who was hospitalised a week ago. He passed away on Valentine's Day.

If the story has typos, or any continuity errors, I apologise. First, a death in my family. Followed by the slicing of my index finger with a chef's knife <--- which still hurts like a bitch, but I forced through the pain to edit this Valentine's Day fic for you. I'll fix any glaring mistakes later whenever I reread the fic on AO3.

I want to thank those of you who have reached out with support, and sending of good vibes over the last week. I appreciate it more than you know. Thank you ♥

(next week: the final chapter of Bodyguard will go up)

12 February 2024

Happy (early) Valentine's Day ♥

"It Happened on the Beach"

   Garcia and Lucy sneak out of the bunker to     go on a Valentine's Day/Night date.

I had hoped to have the final chapter of Bodyguard up on AO3 by now, but as you might know from my Tumblr posts, IRL has been worrysome the last few days, and remains to have a clear outcome. I thank you all for sending the good vibes to me, and my uncle. I appreciate it very much ♥

The final chapter of Bodyguard is finished. I just need the proper focus, and energy to tackle one final edit and reread. I'm hoping (knock on wood) that I'll have it up on AO3 by this coming weekend.

I also intended to write a brand new Garcy Valentine's Day fic. As it's the 12th right now, I'm still going to try to take what I have in outline form, and make it worthy of being published to AO3 by the 14th (or 15th, or maybe later in the week). I'm making no promises though since IRL is currently "in limbo."

That said, I hope you enjoy rereading It Happened on the Beach, and that you like the brand new fic cover that I made for it ♥


28 January 2024

I procrastinated a bit yesterday when I should've been editing/rereading chapters 24 and 25 of Bodyguard. But I had zero sleep, and I just couldn't focus. So, instead, I played in Photoshop. I came up with a new (IMO, smoking hot) Garcy manip (complete with using Goran's nipple because the original image just didn't cut it - Goran's nip is from a screen cap of him in Spartacus). And I made it a 1080p desktop wallpaper, and created another desktop wallpaper using Generative Fill/Expand in Photoshop <--- which wanted to put Lucy in a short skirt in San Antonio, 1936 LOL Enjoy! And... if you're reading Bodyguard, I've put summaries for all chapters that are still to come, all the way to the final chapter. You can read those below.


"Bodyguard" - Chapters 20-24

CHAPTER 20 Lucy and Garcia stop for lunch in the beautiful medieval French villiage, Noyers.

CHAPTER 21 Lucy and Garcia arrive in Paris, and do a little shopping at Chanel.

CHAPTER 22 Lucy and Garcia get cozy in their luxury Parisian hotel room.

CHAPTER 23 It's been a while since we heard from Amy, Jiya, Karl, and Jessica. It's time we catch up with them, doncha think? (no worries, Garcy makes an appearance in this chapter, too)

CHAPTER 24 Lucy and Garcia arrive at the Champ-de-Mars, in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, for the music festival.

CHAPTER 25 - coming: 01 February
There's been a lot of car action, but how do y'all feel if they took that action to their hotel room?

CHAPTER 26 - coming: 02 February
The morning after, and apparently there's a meeting that Lucy and Garcia need to attend.

CHAPTER 27 - coming: 03 February
No, no, no, no, NO! This can't be how it ends!

CHAPTER 28 - coming: 17 February
The final chapter of 'Bodyguard'

02 January 2024

Happy New Year! I made an unusual Garcy digital painting as my first fanart this year ♥ And a new collage.

31 December 2023


Lucy and Garcia spend New Year's Eve 2023 underneath the northern lights in Norway.

Happy New Year's Eve! I am so happy that I got this fic completed in time for the new year. I originally started writing it as a Christmas fic, but I just was not in a very xmas-y mood this year, so I spent the last three days rewriting and reworking it so that it fits the New Year's holiday. Christmas talk still makes an appearance here and there, but not enough for it to have that xmas-y feel.

I also had a good time with this fic using Garcia Flynn to highlight my love of learning foreign languages. I began teaching myself Norwegian in the beginning of November, and since then I've fallen in love with the language, and have been looking into Norway as well <--- which I do with every country whose language I learn and/or dabble in. And I figured with Norway being one location in the world where you can see the northern lights, that it would make a nice backdrop for Garcy in this story.

I hope you enjoy the story, and that you have a fun and safe New Year's Eve ♥



 My 2024 Fanart
 A collection of my (mostly) Timeless and  Garcy fanart, made in 2024

 The Road Less Traveled: Chapter 26
 COMING: Spring 2024

 Lucy looks forward to returning to the safe  house to finally reunite with her sister, but  she and Garcia run into some  complications on the way.

 Karl's Fukin' Vlog: Final Chapters

 Tune in to watch Karl Borsok as he vlogs  about the events before, during, and after  Garcia Flynn convinced him to help him  travel through time to destroy  Rittenhouse.

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